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Add: 74 Haierxiang North Road Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Zipcode: 226001

Director/GM: Li zhujun
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synthetic perfumery series - Product - Nantong Menthol Factory Co.,LTD

    With the powerful backing of the advanced equipment and the competent development and production capability and also supported by the fine facilities and teams of technologists and experts (total 68 persons take up 12% of all staffs and workers). The factory has successfully developed the series of natural camphor and synthetic perfumery and essence that are highly popular with all clients both inside and abroad.  
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melonal :
a colourless or pale yellow liquid;odour, that of fresh melon, cucumber and pumpkin.

a colourless ,pale yellow or greennish-yellow liquid; odour, that of spearmint. 
d-carvone :
a colourless or pale yellow liquid;odour, that of natural cara way oil.

aoyiaitsea cuba oil
litsea cubeba oil :
Pale yellow oil lipuid.

iso-eugenol :
Pale yellow liquid;odor,sweet,very spicy,floral odor very reminiscent of cloves.

aoyil-menthyl acetate
l-menthyl acetate :
a colorless liquid ; odour ,solt,that of peppermint; taste, pungent and aromatic,ollowed by a sensation of cold. 
  1. natural menthol series

  2. white catnatural menthol crystal
    white catpeppermint oil , dementholized
    white catoil of spearmint
  3. menthol balm series

  4. white catmenthol balm 
    jaguarmenthol balm 
    babytigermenthol balm 
  5. medicated oil series

  6. white catmedicated oil 
    white catwhite flower oil 
  7. natural camphor series

  8. aoyinatural camphor powder 
    aoyiwhite camphor oil 
    aoyisassafras oil 
    aoyieucalyplus oil 
    aoyiclove oil 
  9. synthetic perfumery series

  10. aoyimelonal 
    aoyilitsea cubeba oil 
    aoyil-menthyl acetate 
  11. flavour & fragrame series

  12. aoyirose flavour 
    aoyijasmin flavour 
    aoyiflower water flavour 
    aoyisantal flavour 
    aoyigreen herbaceous flavour 
    aoyihami melon flavour

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